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Maintaining Hebel Sculptures

Because of the cellular nature of hebel it is important that pieces are moved or carried with care. Consider where you locate your piece in the same way you would when placing a glass object.

To increase stability sit the piece into a blob of mortar or rapid set concrete. Alternatively glue the piece on to a base such as a paver using a general adhesive such as No More Nails.

All my pieces are sealed for water resistance so the pieces can be located outdoors. If the seal is damaged the piece may be resealed using any concrete sealer.

Minor damage can be repaired by lightly sanding the surface before resealing. Pieces which have been affected by mould or mildew can be cleaned by using products such as "Wet & forget".

Airborn dirt may become lodged in the exposed aircells. Gently scrub with soapy water and hose off. Hard scrubbing may damage the layer of sealer.

Please contact me for advice.